Being in a state of personal comfort is a wonderful place to be. However, too much of a good thing can be just as damaging as not having anything good at all. Staying too much in our comfort zones stunts the potentially new things that can better our lives. Here are some methods for getting out of your comfort zone for personal growth.

We only recommend products and methods that we have used ourselves. All opinions expressed here are our own.

Changing Your Daily Routine

One of the easiest ways to get out of your comfort zone is to change your everyday routine. Things may be running smoothly, but things can get better. The only way to find out is to gradually try different methods.

As a mindful routine, try writing down  all that you need to get done today. 

  • Groceries that need to be bought.
  • Important work tasks that need to get done.
  • Fulfill any obligations you made to others or yourself.
  • Something fun to do or get to treat yourself.

From there you can determine what you can realistically work on throughout the day.

For an emotionally fulfilling routine, try reducing your screen time. This is especially helpful when you first wake up. Rather than spending your waking hours scrolling through your phone, spend more time self-reflecting. We suggest not being on your phone for at least the first 30 minutes of your day. Spend the necessary time you need to get ready. Have breakfast, wash up, or doing whatever needs to be done.

As a physically helpful routine, try incorporating a physical activity into your routine. Even starting with basic stretches is a good way to wake up your body and get it functioning. Don’t overwork yourself past your physical limits. Listen to your body and be considerate of what it can and cannot handle.

Declutter Your Life

Another way you can get out of your comfort zone is to declutter your life. This literally entails ridding of anything that you don’t need or want in your living space. This will take dedication and major considerations over the smallest of things.

We suggest cleaning out one section of your living space at a time. If you clean multiple spaces at once, you will overwhelm yourself and leave your whole house more cluttered than before.

When going through things ask yourself these following questions:

  • Has it been years since you have used what you found?
  • Can you realistically see yourself using what you found anytime soon?
  • Can someone else use what you found more than you can?
    • If you answered ‘yes’, who or where can I donate it to?
    • If you answered ‘no’, properly throw it out.

The point of this method is to evaluate what is and is not essential to keep in your life. Keeping inessentials is just another way of weighing you down from getting done what needs to be done.

Picking Up A Hobby

Trying brand new activities is an excellent way of getting out of your comfort zone. It can be something that branches off of your current interests that you haven’t tried yet. The hobby can be an activity that you’ve never considered until recently.

As a small step of trying something new, consider trying out a different branch of something you already do. An example of this is trying sculpting as an art medium instead of your usual drawing medium.

A step up from branching from the familiar is trying out your friends’ hobbies. After learning about a hobby, ask them how to get started so you can dedicate time to it on your own. As a bonding experience, ask if you can do the hobby together.

An advanced method of picking up a new hobby is spontaneously starting one. If you see something that peaks your interest, act upon it. You never know what spontaneity will lead you.

Whichever way you pick up a hobby, we suggest giving it a trial period of a week to a month. This all depends on the extensiveness of the hobby. If the hobby brings you no fulfillment, consider trying something else. Despite the lack of appeal, with this you can say that you learned something new about yourself. You found out what you are and are not comfortable with doing. If the hobby does bring you newfound fulfillment, congratulations! You found a new hobby.

Revisiting A Former Hobby

While picking up a new hobby is a beneficial way of getting out of your comfort zone, giving your former hobbies another chance is a great way of reestablishing your comfort. There are times we may abandon hobbies or interest for personal reasons. Mostly it’s because everyday life has a habit of keeping us preoccupied or we were discredited for enjoying activities.

When revisiting a hobby, brush up on the basics. You never know what you might have forgotten, especially if it’s been a while since you’ve done it. Work at your own pace of refamiliarizing yourself with an activity. If the activity turns out to not bring you fulfillment, put it on the back burner. You might not be ready to revisit the hobby. If it does bring you fulfillment, you get back into doing something you harmlessly enjoy.

Learn Something New

A major way of getting out of your comfort zone is to take time to learn a new subject. This can range from self-education to academic enrollment. Whatever you are realistically capable of affording and going through is the deciding factor.

The most affordable way of learning something new is by simply listening to people. Everyday people are very insightful and capable of giving you raw perspective. It’s just a matter of whether you are willing to actively listen to people or not.

A practical way of learning something new is attending a seminar. Some may have admission fees but there are plenty of free seminars. They range in topics and methods of teaching. Regardless if you learn something or not, it’s also a way of meeting new people and experiencing new things.

The more financially committed way to learn something new is to take online courses. Given that most of us have busy lives, we suggest finding online courses that are offered by certified establishments. Keep in mind that tuition ranges between each course and academic establishment. Time will need to be dedicated towards attending classes. This way will take the most amount of research.

Give Back to Your Community

Dedicating time on betting the aspect of your life is important in bettering your life, equally as much as dedicating time to others. Helping others within your community is an astounding way of broadening your awareness of the world. Giving your time to your community benefits the world in small, but impactful ways.

A simple way of giving back to your community is donating what you have but don’t need. There is always someone out there that needs what you have more than you. A common but exponentially helpful way to give back to your community is volunteer work. An extra set of hands holds up the weight of the community better.

Volunteer jobs to consider:

  • Firefighter
  • Animal Shelters
  • Building Jobs
  • Elderly Homes
  • Community Centers
  • Homeless Shelters
  • Trash Pick-Up
  • etc.

Volunteer jobs and their priorities may be location based so check your local district sites for more information.

As a reminder, do not intentionally do volunteer work just to heighten your status. This benefits your ego more than it does the community. Have your intentions be more directed towards selfless aid towards your local communities needs.

Inching out of your comfort zone for personal growth is one of the hardest things for anyone to do. There are doubts as to whether doing new things will be beneficial or whether your comfort zone will ever be the same. Let us assure you that even trip ups are equally as important as fulfilling success. They are ways of learning about yourself. The more you learn about yourself, the more you’ll be able to work towards accepting yourself, bringing on a whole new level of comfort.

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