For today’s blog, I interviewed podcast host and family friend Nikitta Foston. Nikitta hosts the podcast Pivotal Moments, where she interviews people in news, sports, and entertainment about that one pivotal moment that changed their lives. I asked Nikitta about her experience in podcasting, from how she got her start to tips she would have for beginners.

How to Find Guests

Nikitta got her start working as a freelance writer. Through her freelance writing, she landed a job as a staff writer for Ebony magazine. This helped her establish contacts in specific industries.

To find guests, Nikitta would go places where she would find interesting people that she wanted to interview. She would then introduce herself to the possible interviewee. One thing Nikitta stressed was that “the worst thing a person could say is no, but you would be surprised how many say yes if you just ask.” She got the opportunity to interview the first black CEO of an NBA team, Cynthia Marshall, just by asking the simple question. She would then find future guests through her previous guests.  Nikitta’s encouragement for finding guests is that once one person says yes, it becomes easier for others to say yes. This is because you can use your previous guests as a testimonial for your podcast. You just need that first yes to begin building your credibility and strengthen your connections.

Creating Graphics

Having experience in graphic design is always great when you want to do something involving social media. However, if you aren’t savvy in graphic design, no worries. Nikitta found her audio producer and graphic designer on the website, Fiverr, a website where you can connect with freelance artists.

You can also use websites like Canva or Crello, where you have access to free graphic design templates. Another tip from Nikitta would be to list all the places the podcast is found on the graphic itself, so people can tune in to your other projects.

Launching a Podcast Website

One question beginner podcasters may have would be, “is having a website for your podcast is necessary?” Nikitta says that having your podcast on host sites such as PodBean or Podchaser is great starting out. However, a personalized website offers the opportunity to host your bio, links to previously published works, and allows you to be your own brand.

WordPress is a great and simple tool to launch the website for your podcast. Completely free, WordPress allows you to insert html links for your podcast episodes, add text, images, testimonials, and more. On her website, she used pictures from her previous works on location so that her audience can learn more about her and her work.


A great way to spread awareness about your podcast is to crosspost onto other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Nikitta used Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for more business opportunities and to draw more traffic to her podcast. Crossposting helps to get your podcast in front of a wider audience because people have the opportunity to share with friends and family as well as comment on a specific episode they liked.


Having a blog to coincide with your podcast is not mandatory. However, according to Nikitta, blogs are a critical part of having a podcast if you want to do more business ventures. Blogging is also a great way to express your thoughts and creativity through writing. Your blog content can be similar to your podcast subject matter, or it could be about things you are interested in that don’t necessarily fit your podcast theme.

Creating a podcast can be a daunting task. However I hope Nikitta’s tips and the resources provided creates an approachable starting point. Remember to utilize the internet with any questions you may have and don’t be scared to reach out to people with experience for help. Have fun and good luck!

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